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​​​While Visiting Wallowa County & Enterprise Oregon, Please Enjoy Our Local Community.

It Takes a Village!
This ancient African proverb teaches eternal truth. No man, woman, or family is an island. But in these lean and mean days, Community isn't always what it is supposed to be. Here in Enterprise Oregon we live in a place where people care about others -- where people pitch in to help when things get rough -- where it's safe to leave the doors unlocked and let the kids play around outside.

If you want to understand the difference between a Social Network and a Community, ask your Facebook Friends to help you paint your house.

We, as a Community are responsible for each other as well as for ourselves and recognize that the strength of our Nation springs from the unity of our diverse people.

We are all in it together as Americans and Human-Beings, not competitors or independent agents.

A strong and cohesive sense of Community is essential to expanding opportunity for all. When we care about the progress of all Members of our Society, opportunity is no longer just about personal success but also

about our success as a people.

Open your mind, open your heart to likeminded people who can be partners in your success, and you in theirs.


Ponderosa Motel - 102 E Greenwood St, Enterprise, OR 97828 - 541-426-3186

La Laguna Mexican Restaurant - 307 W North St, Enterprise, OR 97828 - 541-426-3500




Heavenly's - 500 W North St, Enterprise, OR 97828 - 541-426-3500

Wild Carrot Herbals - 114 W Main St  541-263-5539



The Wilderness Inn  

Random Photo's of the Area for you to Enjoy.

Timber Bronze Inc is a seasonally operated handcrafter of over 300 solid, cast bronze hardware and decorative accessories for log, timber frame, post and pole and other rustic homes, lodges and Adirondack style cabins.

Escape to the Wilderness - The Wilderness Inn that is!

Dry Creek Design Inc has one basic mission: to show other people how to re-use, re-purpose or re-store discarded pieces and give them a new life. An amazing new life!

Fish Hatchery - 82119 Fish Hatchery Ln, Enterprise, OR 97828 - 541-426-4467

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Go where no Car can take you!

300 Depot Street, Elgin Oregon.